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Birds' eye view of a crowd --- morei
Advise Australia Fair (Duncan Chalmers)
Aftermath (Iron Maiden)
Against Fascism AKA Youth Against Fascism
The Agenda for Century 21 § (The Used Johnnys)
Agent Orange (John Warner)
Alice's Restaurant (Arlo Guthrie)
All Good Soldiers (Bad Religion)
All I Am § (Tao Jones)
All the News That's Fit to Sing (Phil Ochs)
All the Weary Mothers of the Earth [People's Union #1] (Joan Baez)
All Together Now § (Stephan Smith)
Allah Save Queens (Persian Carpets or the Carpet Bombers for Peace)

American (World Peace Clowns)
American Jesus (Bad Religion)
.American Woman (The Guess Who).
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
          (Eric Bogle or The Pogues or Makem & Clancy or 3+ others)
And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea (Propagandhi)
Angel of War § (Yusuf Islam)
Another War § - § (The Compassionate Conservatives)
Another War Out There § (Peter Hicks and Geoff Francis)
Apres Midi § (Christian Marclay)
Armourers of the Free World (Ginger Tom)
Army Dreamers (Kate Bush)
Attack of the Attacking Things (Jean Grae)
Attack of the Peacekeepers (Jello Biafra)
Atomic Moog (Cold Cut)

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