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Anti war related, mostly English language songs from many protest music genres, most with clips, covers, albums, writers and links to lyrics and/or audio downloads. Songs newly written or remixed for the 2003 attack on Iraq as well as timeless classics are among this comprehensive, yet growing, list.  All of these should serve us well for the promised "war that will not end in our lifetimes" or at least until the next election.

One good song with a message can bring a point more
deeply to more people than a thousand rallies
--- Phil Ochs  

If there is something to be changed in this world,
then it can only happen through music.
--- Jimi Hendrix

.A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once,
but a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over.
--- Joe Hill.

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Newly Found and Current Anti-War Songs

Songs that are cropping up in response to the attack on Iraq

Most Covered Classic Anti-War Songs

What are the songs that more singers want in their repertoires?

Most Prolific Anti-War Song Artists

Who are the singers and writers that keep returning to anti-war themes?

Putting Anti-War Songs to Work

What productive use can we make of all these great songs?

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off siteTop Legal Anti-War Song MP3, Audio Sites

Protest Records  (65+ free anti-war downloads!)
New Songs for Peace (60+ free MP3s)
List Your Site Here (serve any 9 anti-war songs then write)
Union Song's Anti-War Collection (8+ free downloads)
Salon's Antiwar Sampler (7+ free MP3 downloads)
Not in Our Name Music (7+ MP3 downloads)
List Your Site Here (serve any 6 anti-war songs then write)
Anti-War Songs, à la Carte (5+ free MP3 downloads)
On Lisa Rein's Radar (3+ free downloads)
Uncle Ted's Garage (3+ free downloads)
Centre for Political Song (2+ free downloads)
One Good Move (2 free downloads plus)

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Top Anti-War Lyric Sites

Archive of Selected Anti War Songs (50)
Protest Songs  [use this link if whole list won't show] (35)
One Good Move (26)
Union Song's Anti-War Collection (22)
Song Lyrics, for activists and protests (12+)
New Songs for Peace (9+)
Southampton Stop the War Coalition (5)
On Lisa Rein's Radar (3)

Lists of Hit Anti-War Songs

Top 10 Anti-War Songs (Patrick Chng, MTV Asia)
Rock's All Time Best Anti-War Songs (Chicago Sun Times)
Make Love, Not War: Songs of Peace or Something Similar

off siteArticles About Anti-War Songs

Rockers Unite to Oust Bush (Damien Cave)
Rocker's Message Cut from Farm Aid (David Lindquist)
It's the End of The World as Clear Channel Knows It
Media Giant's Rally Sponsorship Raises Questions
Songs for Coping with September 11
MTV is Wary of Videos on War (Neil Strauss)
Anti-war band dropped from awards (BBC News)
An Important Part of Our Culture (VH1)
Stars learn cost of anti-war opinion (The Age)
Why Major Record Companies Suck (Peter Spellman)
Anti-war songs? More the sound of silence (Richard Jinman)
Beat the Censors and Download Anti-War Songs
Bruce Springsteen Message on The Dixie Chicks
Dave Matthews Speaks Out About the War
Songs of war, songs of peace

Compilation Albums of Anti-War Songs

.Election Day USA,.   No Blood for Oil CD,    Peace Not War,   
War Times:  Reports from the Opposition

off siteOther Anti-War Songs Resources

Vocalists Who Sing Anti-War Songs
Ranks top 29 anti-war artists
Classic and Contemporary Rock Artists Making a Difference
Lists rock artists that are known to be dedicated through substantive action to any of several causes, including peace, demilitarization & disarmament
Anti-War Song Book,    Blues for Peace,    Davey D's List of Hip Hop Anti-War Songs,    Dirty Linen,    Folk Centre International Performers' Home Pages,    Folk Music,    Future World Funk's Music Against the War,    Greatest Eighties Protest Songs,    An Incomplete List of Songs About Vietnam,    Library of Folk Music Links,    Music for Peace,    Musicians United to Win Without War,    Oldies Fun 'Be Unique' Contest on 'War Songs',    People for a Peacable Planet,    Peter Hicks' Radical Song Book,    Poets Against the War,    Raging Grannies Without Borders,    Rock & Roll and the War in Vietnam,    Rock for Peace,    Sheffield Against the War,    Singing for Peace,    Songs about Nuclear War from the Eighties,    Songs for Peace,    Songs for Political Action,    Songs for World Peace,    Teaching with Protest Songs

off siteCompletely Different War Songs [pov?]

Courtesy of the Red White & Blue (Toby Keith),    End to War Poetry Contest Winner,    Find the Cost of Freedom (Neil Young),    Freedom (Paul McCartney),    Holy War (Monowar),    I Raq and Roll (Clint Black),    If I Had a Rocket Launcher (Bruce Cockburn),   I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord (Lyle Lovett),    John Walker Blues (Steve Earle),    Killing an Arab (The Cure or Electric Hellfire Club),    Onward Christian Soldiers [not actually about war, but used that way, sometimes],    Have You Forgotten (Charlie Daniels),    Have You Forgotten (Darryl Warley),   The Fightin' Side of Me (Mearle Haggard),    This Means War!,   Undivided (Bon Jovi),    Universal Coward,    War Music,    Where Were You When the World Stopped (Alan Jackson)

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