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Boycott Boy Scouts! respectfully salutes people who have the courage to stand up to their government and large corporations when they do wrong. Sometimes moral 'suasion' alone is not adequate to change 'the way things are done.'
Logo is the International No Symbol Superimposed upon the BSA Logo
The Supreme Court of the United States has given Boy Scouts of America [BSA] carte blanche to discriminate against atheist and gay children and their leaders, under the hypocritical pretense that BSA is a private club. Meanwhile, the BSA actually is stitched to government on many levels, including contributions of fundraising personnel from the Combined Federal Campaign, dedications of enormous tracts of government land for exclusive BSA use, donations of military equipment, and troop sponsorship by police and fire departments and public schools.

By continuing symbolic, personnel, and material support of the BSA, government is sending vulnerable children the profoundly damaging message that they're not considered worthy of being trained in citizenship and survival; thus, creating a lesser class of citizenship, defined by religion or gender preference. Concerned citizens should work to strip BSA of all forms of government backing.

Parents should discourage their children from joining an organization in which the adult leaders model bigotry. Scouts, sometimes even without the help of their parents, can make a powerful statement. If you think that the government should treat all people fairly, this is an excellent time to make a difference. You may be able to convince other troop members to join you in seeking a solution to this problem.

You might want to see if you can get your troop to stand with you and persistently pressure the national organization to reconsider these policies. The leaders of your troop may not go along with your idea at first, so give them an opportunity to let it grow on them. After a while, you may decide that the best way you can express your disagreement would be by resigning your awards and/or membership, in the most visible way possible (e.g. at a scout meeting or a protest event), until such time as the BSA's discriminatory policies toward atheists and gays have been reversed.

Those who are already not members of BSA can help by boycotting the numerous charities and private corporations that prop up the BSA. For example, the United Way provides approximately 25% of the BSA operating budget while using employers to pressure wage earners to contribute. Perhaps you can convince your employer to discontinue support for United Way until they stop giving any money to the BSA. Also, companies should explicitely exclude both organizations from eligibility to receive corporate matching funds if employees choose to donate to these organizations.

More recently ('03-Jul-16th), Delta Airlines has encouraged customers to donate their frequent flyer miles to the BSA. The program rotates select charitable organizations on a quarterly basis. This would be a good time to avoid flying Delta and to let them know why.

As consumers, we can ask the businesses that we patronize whether they support the Boy Scouts or the United Way. If they do, we can encourage them to stop, and we can ask their competitors the same question. At some point we may decide to take our business to the competition. Let's take a moment to tell them why, perhaps in writing. Businesses, also, can ask their suppliers to not supoprt the BSA or the United Way.

In these ways, each of us can play our part to produce a sea change of public attitude toward the BSA: end government underwriting, work from inside or resign membership, stop donations from the United Way and other charitable organizations, and discourage private companies from contributing. Go to top of this page

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