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Any fair reading of history will remind us that hardly a single generation has avoided widespread death and upheaval, whether in the form of war, famine, pandemic, insurrection, invasion, or natural disaster.

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Prince Philip's Virus Comment Permalink: URL of this post will appear in your browser's location box

This Comment Appeared at: http://www.timebomb2000.com/vb/showthread.php?p=1115363&posted=1#post1115363

... he does not seem to have said the words "We need to cull the surplus population" as insinuated by the title of this thread. At least, he did not say that in so many words in any of the many Prince Philip quotes provided in the Prison Planet article by the same name: Prince Philip, In His Own Words: We Need to 'Cull' the Surplus Population

I'm willing to bet that he did not say it at all, considering that Prison Planet seems to have done a very thorough job of searching throughout his publications and transcripts of his various speeches. If they had found such a quote, surely they would have included it.

Instead, what we have is a possibly inaccurate interpretation of his position presented as a quote. Not only is it presented as a quote but it is preceeded by the phrase "in his own words."

This is a dishonest tactic. It is alright to present one's own interpretation of what someone else has said. But it is not right to present a derivative product as the original person's "own words."

I have a different understanding of Prince Philip's position, even though it is based only upon the selected quotes that appear in the Prison Planet article. By my reading, Prince Philip wishes to avoid the widespread human suffering of war and hunger and disease by bringing runaway population growth under control. Whose control he does not say. He does not specify that he means under 'his' control, under state control, under UN control, under women's control, under control by space aliens, or whatever. I get the impression that he probably would prefer a solution along the lines of developing world culture that recognizes the limitations of our resources and works out how to make sustainable use of them.

It's hard to know how to take the 'virus' comments, since they are presented out of context and broken up by elipses. They may be exagerations, or he may be speaking from the point of view of another species that is being displaced from its habitat. -- '04-Sep-23rdGo to top of this page Respond to this Comment in the thread where it was made

An especially sobering look at history is offsiteMan and Society in Calamity, by Pitrim Sorokin. This knowledge, in combination with an appreciation for how fragile the modern world is to disruptions in its political and pyramid scheme economic systems should lead us to a deep Have you been here before? Refresh your cache from the web, especially if you're not seeing expected updates.appreciation of just how vulnerable we truly are. Calamity is when 'just in time' meets 'just ran out.'

It may be comforting to think that modern man has moved beyond the primative conditions which have routinely produced widespread catastrophe, but there's no evidence to speak of that would point to such a conclusion. On the contrary, many trends point into the exact opposite direction. In fact, a combustible mix of religion and technology may get us into even worse trouble than we've seen already. Consider antibiotic overuse, global warming, offsitefosil fuel depletion, offsitenuclear events, offsiteelectromagnetic pulse, biological and offsiteUnrestricted Warfare   (--- maybe it's offsiteHERE? Is the same as what I had linked to earlier or have there been modifications?), freedom & privacy erosions, computer viruses, bio-engineered crops, killer seeds, pollution, white plague, terrorism, and offsiteoverpopulation. One particularly eloquent discussion of these Bumper Sticker says *The Future Doesn't Need Us*problems is by Bill Joy, in his Wired Magazine article: "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us."

The expenditure of phenomenal amounts of public and private funds to correct the Y2K problem may have allowed us to dodge that bullet, but next time we may not be so lucky, and events could easily play out ever so much worse than the worst scenarios envisioned in 1999. This website is dedicated to encouraging individual and community efforts toward sustainable long-term calamity resistance, through self reliance, self sufficiency and cooperation, including non-military space exploration. --- '00-Mar-15thGo to top of this post

Quote About Calamity

We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.   We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology.  This is a prescription for disaster.   We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.  ---  Carl Sagan

.Other Quotes.

offsiteArticles on Calamity

Alter our DNA or Robots Will Take Over, Warns Hawking (The Observer)
I Was Wrong: It Will Be Much Worse (Infomagic, broken link)
Soviets Planned Post-Nuke Smallpox Attack (Paranormal News)
The Annals of Warfare: The Bioweaponeers (Richard Preston)
20 Ways the World Could End (Corey S. Powell)
Easter's End (Jared Diamond)
The Day the Stuff Hits the Fan (Don Cline)
International Security Dimension Project (Ctr for Naval Warfare Studies)
We Are Survivalists (Live Free)
We Live Through an Agincourt a Day, Yet Life Goes On (Peggy Noonan)
Taking Down: Targets, Tools & Technocracy  (Robert David Steele)
Joy Ride to Global Collapse (Jim Minter)
Global Economic Collapse?:  ...Vortex of Economic Disaster (Dorothy Anne Seese)Invasion of Iraq may collapse global economy (Erich Marquardt)

Online Resources About Calamity

Ark Two Community,   Critical Mass Energy & Environment Program,    Disaster, Catastrophe & Calamity,    Global Citizen (Donella Meadows, dec'd),    Global Economic Meltdown,    How To Survival Library,    How to Survive Really Hard Times,    I Pencil,    .The Manual:  Survival in Various Situations (by Eduardo, 1996),.    Map of Wildlands,    The Myth of Order (Ellen Ullman),    Nine Days that Shook the World (NewScientist),    Potential U.S. Nuclear Targets,    Survival Guide,    You Will Survive Doomsday (Utah Shelter Systems - Broken link)

A Completely Different POV on Calamity [pov?]

.Triangle of Life: Earthquake Safety Information.
Reports from the first known scientific studies of earthquake survival strategies suggest that the "duck and cover" advice to get under a heavy object is actually the worst possible advice. Survivors are found in the triangles of space next to massive items.
Extremist Quotations
A collection of extremist views, apocalyptic visions and failed predictions.
Remembering Julian Simon

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